Demasiada Lluvia (Too Much Rain)


Waterdrops by steve took it- Flickr

Within each single drop
that ever falls
or ever will
to earth
our most
precious resource
fresh water
is a singular view
upside down
of the world

and that is how we live
life by the drop
in reverse
upside down

In God We Trust

(I sure as hell wouldn’t after actually meeting it and having it lie to me, and apparently others like a compulsive liar- let alone a dangerous one who manipulates people and murders them every single day)

I think
therefore I am

(never really finding out who “I” is obviously by this statement)

You people are real thinkers

purposefully has people have problems
then you say you are doing
the “Lord’s work” by trying to fix them
help them

at least figure out who you are working for
when kindness upon others
becomes your entire life

people aren’t so bad to work for you know
but a purposefully deceitful, bloodthirsty, backstabbing, AIDS creating God? (who apparently can’t keep their dick in their pants- desire flooded the earth- the cause- God does create all thought- and now it is blaming you for “your poor behavior” and lack of control, meanwhile spiraling the population out of control and destroying God’s own green earth at an ever increasing rate. No big deal, it only took God billions of years to create such a green a blue planet with this much biological diversity- rather extraordinarily unique in the universe yet- and God is now destroying it in front of our eyes while you all blame each other or deny it is occurring. Do you really want to trust “someone” like that?

Enough with the rain already
right side up
is the other way folks.