That’s Cold

All I keep seeing is a cold sea (see)


and just the tips of far huger things calved off of even more monumental things

and the floodwaters rise

I cannot get through to the upper decks where there is help

instead of this sure and certain tomb



Is this correct?


Not so good at keeping it in perspective

but your opulence won’t save your soul, on the contrary…

your movies are here today, gone tomorrow

if they are good stories

they will just remake them anyway

and make someone else a star

but yet you still think I’ve got a thing for Leonardo DiCaprio?

Or that I want to be a star?

Do I idolize you so much I think I am you?

Never were good at relationships or keeping it in perspective

like what it is really ALL ABOUT

like the STORY

obviously even at the end you are still highly delusional in your top hats and coat tails with your fine ball room gowns in the finest of silk who can’t stop drinking Champagne long enough to put on life jackets and take very real threats to ALL seriously.

To treasure hunters:

A story shall you be given

the jewel you seek

falls to the deep!

But quite a story huh?

How about you and your kind learn something instead of just serving yourselves and your egos, making a whole lot of money and thinking you are God itself? How about never discriminate against others again? How about helping each other EQUALLY without prejudice?

Can you do that O’ Ancient Mariners?


Giving Them The Finger

And one finger

not good enough

not good enough

Photo by adam crowe- Flickr

For one finger is used to point

to blame (each other, God…)

to draw attention to something (ourselves, God, the crimes…)

to pretend to point and shoot.

Index finger pointing upward

was a sign in the Grateful Dead parking lot

you needed a “miracle”

that is a free ticket

if there were any available

to get in to see the show (I got in to “see the show”, the show is you, me the world, our history, and God is just using us, sometimes good, but a lot of bad ends- and you, clueless that it is all an act of God, you got in to see the show too I see- but from a different angle)

The middle finger pointing up

and towards someone

tells them to fuck off

and here we are in the middle

of life itself

and I believe God told me to fuck off

also called “giving them the bird”

coincidentally my only real boyfriend

only 9 months

was named Bird

and we did lots of fucking

but then the ghost of such experiences

has haunted me the past 20 years

with any star God wanted use at the time

mentally fucking me….

really gave me the bird

on that one

didn’t you God?

There is always the ring finger

to symbolize everlasting love

I’m married to God

it sucks

it has total control over my sexuality

inside and out

unless you call

the only guy I’ve had sex with

since I met God

named Adam

who had a really big dick

and I bled for a week from

just coincidence

and me raping myself

on my part
Thumb out is hitchhiking

this concept has been explained elsewhere

and we are trying to GET OFF THE ROAD

so just a thumb itself

will not do

and you can do your own footwork

on what the pinky alone is

So we are going for two fingers

(which I coincidentally broke this year)

peace brothers and sisters


Photo by bitzi ☂ ion-bogdan dumitrescu- Flickr

So we are going for two fingers

one to symbolize ourself

a single individual

or the human race

and one to represent God

but not so close

a bit distant please

(as God really is a rapist, a murder, a liar, a thief)

or it could represent me

and you

but not so close

we should be friends

not lovers

a little distance

or it could represent

the two Gods

one as it as always been

you are just at a failure to recognize

where you are at

(maybe not such a bad thing since it was just going to continue doing what it does)

and one as God should be

actually compassionate and wise

instead of just putting up a false front

and propigating all kinds of other things in the back room.

And perhaps there will be two humans as well

the animal people who came before

which you are now

a violent sort of dreamer

always thinking they were in control

while being the furthest from it

and tomorrow maybe

you won’t be completely insane

as an entire human race

that is spiraling


to its self inflicted doom.