Art ate my heart and spit out this crap

After being unable to express what I believe and feel through the standard methods of using language and speaking I’m trying to use art.

Funny thing is that I’m here to protest my story being prostituted for money- a fact you’re at a complete failure to get- so if I was a “sucessful” artist- would I not become the very thing that I came to protest about?

It verily is a form of madness within itself- over 100 works since I started a couple months ago:

paintings 004 paintings 009 paintings 014

God says to me, “Build me an ark.”

I told him, “You didn’t pay me for the last job I did for you, how am I supposed to afford the materials for an ark?”

“Its an analogy.”

“To what?”

“A flood, did you already forget what boats are for? I gave you an education this time around, and is not 67 feet of paper made from Mulberries so fine Moses with his papyrus would have been envious being shipped from as we speak? What more do you want? Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci didn’t have as fine of paint as what you have either, and your ink is in every way as black and smooth and permanent as the best Chinese calligrapher could dream! I’ve also given you plenty of information to work with- like everything that is known about everything without even having to go to a library for it, and statistics on reality so we need not go by hearsay any information or be mislead by politics.”

So I build I suppose, they all think I’m crazy and will not listen, but God says someday your barren deserts in which no amount of effort will make even a single seed sprout- shall become a bounty with lakes and rivers and reeds and birds and fish, and food- glorious food again! But you surely do need a better instruction manual than the ones currently in use that contains more up to date and useful information as well as analysis as to what has already been said/happened when such times become fertile for such and your ear is open. Its so tough to admit that someone else knows more than you isn’t it? I think at least a book should be devoted to the analysis of your ego. When was it that you came to believe you were God itself again? Not any worship of false idols or anything going on in those selfie shots is there? But you know it all huh? Sure, sure, you do…

Your attitude isn’t helping me very much actually- I’m really thinking about leaving your sorry asses on this planet where your greed and narcissism as well as callousness towards others suffering will obviously lead to everyone’s unfortunate demise- YOUR planet will be destroyed and YOU will be to blame. The end.

Take this job and shove it- I ain’t working here no more!

And if God meant for me to be listened to- wouldn’t it have at least given me some talents or skills or good looks or at least charisma since everything is just a popularity contest? Oh well, good riddance.

I know you’ll never listen no matter how many colors I paint it in, no matter how clever the examples I use, it will never ever be good enough for you! That is what I’ve certainly learned during the course of my lifetime.

I drown.

The paint won’t wash that away.

I’m just waiting for my house to burn down.

Then I will truly have nothing, just as God wants it.

All gone.

All destroyed.

All hope flew away on ashes, on smoke.

So much potential.

All gone.

Only bad people

selfish ones

live here now

where did all the good people go?

when you make a million saying that

but never get you were dancing in the blood

the blood

the blood


To Plead the 5th

“One cannot be compelled to be a witness against oneself,” the 5th amendment to the US Constitution states.


“You have the right to remain silent” is sounding like the warning that comes with movies: “Any likeness to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.”

Upside down star

Let’s think about this shall we?

If one were, say compelled to be a witness against oneself, we’d get all the murderers and child molesters off the streets in one fell swoop, and bring home many of the milk carton kids- or at least allow their parents to have closure, now wouldn’t we? I mean, if its left up to someone else to clean up your shit for you we’re never going to catch the Jeffrey Dahmer’s and pimps. But what can compel people to turn themselves in?

See, if you ACCEPT God creates all and ultimately manipulated you into doing bad things to others, it becomes easier to be truthful about it, because you no longer feel it is all your fault and you have to save just your own ass.

Also if you ACCEPT God creates all and ultimately manipulated others into doing bad things to others, if becomes easier to be nicer to people and more compassionate, which in turn, will make them more likely to turn themselves in- knowing they will receive fair and just treatment at your hands- hopefully. Its called “forgiveness”- heard of it? Comes from knowing God itself.

Don’t shelter the Devil aka God itself when it does bad and mistreats you so therefore you mistreat others. If you ain’t thinking right, it isn’t necessarily your fault and you could be just God’s latest victim to blame when it manipulates you into hurting others. Recognize the warning signs and get on a better path! Turn the asshole in before it kills and after!

Don’t keep blaming yourselves for your “father’s” abuse!  It’s abusive within itself!!!

Save the future Robin Williams’ of the world today and admit whose fault his death is: