Infamous (or should be) Quotes from The Bondage Queen

En Parte- June & July 2013:

“And as the Range Con is, you are too- always wanting a one-size fits all solution to every problem, but this is without recognizing to begin with that the world is very diverse.”

“But I am the anti-Christ. See, God loved Jesus, God raped me using you. Always more OBVIOUS who is in control when it goes against ever single wish & desire that you have EVER had. But I guess you’ve never been mentally RAPED day in & day out for decades so you just blame the innocent victim.”

“Can’t imagine that anyone would have anything IMPORTANT or worthwhile to do with these gifts you’ve been so freely given can you? & Fame & fortune so squandered by the likes of you, that even though yourself would so partake in such a feast of gluttony, you NEVER could see the USE in such. Well, maybe that is because you’re not altogether too useful yourself & seem to be squandering quite a lot including this ENTIRE PLANET.”

“God & religions sure are popular, but that is a partial truth. About 10% of what God does & is is shown there while the other 90% keeps shooting heroin & making porns with CHILDREN in the backroom.”

“I think you are still missing the point. Why do you excuse your violent behavior? You missing a player? How about the MOTHERFUCKING DEALER of the damn cards who so much justifies inequality in your minds? Luck? Genius huh? This is why its REFLECTION is everywhere you look & in imbued in every aspect of our existence. God created all. That is who it is. Same one who told people different stories, having them believe different things and killing/subjugating them for thousands of years. Same one who created slavery & treated women that way for apparently caring for its children & giving birth (probably without orgasm unlike SOMEONE else) so you should NEVER blame yourselves personally though. Oh those black people are just all what we looked like & where we came from, lets treat them subhumanly for CENTURIES & those damn Jews were the ones who came up with the whole 1 GOD theory (though in practical application they didn’t follow through) and this is pretty much the God you all know & apparently LOVE- that is if you think it exists. Why can’t you put the TWO together ever? God creates all. This is the planet & people & actions and thoughts it created. You just “lovin’ it” or would you like to actually know where that hamburger you’ve been eating actually came from? Might want to know if you were just stuffing your face in the drive through- destroying the entire planet in complete oblivion. That hamburger is today but the effects those cows have will last many, many lifetimes for people who will never see that hamburger.”

“If you actually LOVED your kids you wouldn’t do that. But you love the thoughts your opinions more than LIFE ITSELF-somehow justifying it all with THOUGHT. Because life was SCREAMING STOP.”

“If your inspiration comes from “the muse” you are really saying you believe in magic like things/thoughts just “magically” apparating out of nowhere- instead of actually having defined source and MEANING”

“Once I turned into an Indian in Shoshone Basin, seeing all the inheritance doled out to every child who would know the history & this land- which gets fewer & fewer, this is how I told it to myself- but that story’s summary stays long past the ghosts of sagebrush & bunchgrasses & springs forgotten about…Ask an Indian what things are. They don’t know. But you sure did wound them for LIFE over it.”

“So the Ents never did figure out this PLOT actually concerned them, nor did the steward left to govern the place care much about what anyone else said only following what was in his mind, not in front of his face as the old king continued to only hold council with Wormtongue itself tell him how worthless people are & with such little potential. Funny how you are so blown out of proportion in all the wrong places.”

“Some people needed plastic surgery for REAL REASONS- not just the fake plastic BS YOU use it for.”

“Spreading misery & hate throughout the world isn’t tough. Last I heard you don’t even have to make an effort, you just drive through & place your order. Don’t even have to get out of the vehicle. Moo!”

“The moment you get to despising others- just as I do you- is the moment you are under complete control of EVIL itself. & You would be so quick to say Lucifer in the scene was EVIL, but how about that angel saying the other entity was completely worthless & should be annihilated? If that ain’t EVIL- for God to create someone- it creates us all- just to have us think that each other should not exist & to make it our life’s goal to DESTROY such I don’t know what is.”

” Why do people like Hello Kitty? The cat doesn’t even have its own comic or cartoon. All about those feelings which seem to be buying a bunch of plastic crap and destroying the entire planet while no one can have a real discussion about the elephant in the room- your out of control personal desires about having more kids. & You want guns & violence too? Think it is “cool” or “justified”? Of course. But you should know that GOD is the one who creates all & if you like it that is because God made you like it. This is verily the source to (all being and) porn too. Might want to think about who is watching the next time you get sexy & where gay really comes from before flying those flags too high.”

“Why is it every time I say I’m actually someone- like Peter Pan- it is “insane” but when you dress up in my clothes it’s OK- particularly if completely unrelated to your actual physical reality on this planet?”

“You ask for a ocean liner but refuse to give others a seat in a life boat.”

“(You) Couldn’t imagine another use for nature itself lest it be to cut the forest down, to graze the cow upon it. Like burning down the bank for the cash in the ATM though, I think you really are missing/destroying a lot for very little return.”

“You do realize given the predictability of your behavior at this present time if anyone ever gets who I am I’ll be shot right?”

“You enable a madman by your blind greed & unwillingness to see things from anywhere else other than your perspective at the time.”

“Your WHOLE system of valuing other humans lives and experiences is kind of screwed up. Not like I’m saying that you shouldn’t place some value on the positive- you should- but you seem to be entirely missing that other end of the spectrum. Some people are born winners, they have great parents that are financially stable and good looking & smart they didn’t have to be locked in a closet while their mom turned tricks & did heroin, or be abused at the hands of countless selfish men whom Mom continued to let in because of the “love” she got from them. But yet the person who is good looking & smart & athletic will get special preferential treatment in this life- more people will like them, they will get more praise throughout school and for their talents of which they have plenty of & opportunities to demonstrate them to others because their parents had no problem in paying for sports or being there to drive them to them & even practice with them. Maybe they even get to go to a world class camp in whatever their interest is making them all the more talented at whatever they were interested & earning them more praise. (Meanwhile) the “evil” twin, locked in some heroin addict’s closet ain’t learning a damn thing sitting in the dark wondering what they did wrong. And this is how inequality breeds more of the same.”